Saturday, January 12, 2013


This year, in just its short span of less than a couple of weeks, has already been one of surprises.  Both amazing surprises and those we prefer to leave behind.  2013 has brought with it an emotional roller coaster that I have been holding on tight to just to hang on.

The best part of the new year was Big R's birthday surprise to me.  The so-called "mystery trip" turned out not to be a "trip" at all.  Instead my sweet love surprised me by flying my mom out to spend a couple of weeks with us.  He bought her tickets back in August and has somehow kept this secret from me all this time. I suppose it helps that I generally love to be surprised, so I chose not to guess or pry, and instead patiently awaited the day.

Big R told me to "pack light" and that we needed to leave for the Frankfurt Airport by a certain time to catch our flight.  We got the car parked and had our lightly packed luggage in tow.  He kept smiling and telling me to look at the departures board to see if I could guess where we were going.  And then he was insistent that we get a coffee from Starbucks before going through security.  Such a strange request.  I mean, the boy loves his Starbucks more than an average man should, but to want it this badly was a tad bit bizarre. I passed on the beverage while Big R ordered his favorite cup-of-joe, and then he told me to sit for a little bit and relax.  I knew something was up, but I just figured we were super early for the flight.

As I put my things down to sit at our table, not a few tables away I saw a woman turn and smile at me.  If I hadn't been anticipating a surprise, I probably would have stood there and stared in disbelief, but instead I dropped everything and ran to her. My mom was sitting not 20 feet in front of me.  I wrapped my arms around her neck and cried on her shoulder.  That was a fantastic surprise!!!  I never expected it, but better yet, I didn't realize how much I needed it or what an emotional relief it would be to see her there.

We were all packed with no place to go, so we decided to get in the car and head west to France where we spent the night in Colmar, and then finished off the weekend in Strasbourg.  That trip was fantastic and so much fun.  We also got some really great pictures, so I'll save all the details from our excursion for another blog post. Yeah, it was a wonderful and unexpected surprise.  I have the greatest husband and best friend in the world.

I wish all the surprises from this year could have been this amazing.  Life often takes you for a ride when you least expect it.  I'm not emotionally ready to talk about everything that has been going on.  I do want to say though that I am incredibly grateful for my amazing family. We have been through so much the past few weeks. Dad is holding on, but it hasn't been easy, so we are taking it one day at a time.  I'm glad I was able to be with him and all of them even if for just a few days.  Seeing all the love that surrounds him while his heart is fighting to stay healthy is the only thing keeping me calm as I sit thousands of miles away. Let's just say, I was so thankful that my mom was here with me during this time.

 My emotions are rolling, my head is spinning, and I'm pregnant, which no doubt is amplifying it all.   I have so much to tell you, and I promise to write it down soon.

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