Friday, May 11, 2012

Do For Yourself Day...

I'm in a rut.  No clue why, I mean I really shouldn't be.  My crazy toddler is finally getting some sleep and somewhat returning to normal, the weather is beautiful, and my life is good.  I have a dozen projects unfinished that need attending to, articles writing themselves in my head that need to come to life on the computer, events to plan, emails to write and respond to, a house to clean, German to learn, a book club book that I need to finish, flights to book, and travel arrangements to make.  Yet, what am I doing?  I'm sitting on my porch cuddled up on our new couch, reading blogs and catching up on the news while drinking tea and enjoying the sunshine.

Yep, my motivation to do anything productive is out the window today.  Somewhere between preparing invites and hanging laundry my mind decided I needed a day off.  Not a bad thing, I suppose, but definitely an unproductive thing.  I feel lately like I've being in this mode of "go, go, go" and I am giving myself no time to enjoy the present.  Do you every do this?  I'm sure you do, we ALL do.

I declare today a "Do For Yourself Day."  Take a moment, whether it's five minutes or five hours and let your mind go, breathe deep, and tell yourself it's ok to be unproductive.  If you do this, you'll feel better, and I'll have company :)

Here is my view this morning.  Want to join me for a cup of coffee?  We can talk life or just listen to the birds. Either way I promise it will be lovely.

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