Friday, September 13, 2013


When life gets busy, I strive to hold onto something that attempts to keep me grounded.  Try being the operative word here.  Constantly working to obtain that "om" in my day by doing yoga when and wherever I can fit it in.  I read a blog the other day about a novelist that is also a yogi.  He was commenting on how "hardcore" meant you were practicing something ridiculous like three hours a day.  I'm not sure that at any point I'd ever achieve that level of yoga practice. In fact, I'm not sure I'm interested in becoming hardcore if that's what it means. This author commented on how life keeps him busy and he fits yoga in as he can for 20 minutes here, 10 minutes there, or a lucky 55 minutes when the family runs off to run errands and he gets a rare hour at home alone.

I can absolutely relate to this idea because that is how my yoga practice goes these days, and I'm not complaining, not even remotely.  Mostly I'm just incredibly thankful for technology and websites like My Yoga Online that allow me to even have a practice that extends beyond doing the same DVD over and over again.  It really is difficult to challenge or improve your yoga practice when you have zero variability.  I rarely get to attend a yoga class these days, and for various reasons, it will probably remain pretty difficult for me to for awhile.  But that's ok.  There's something empowering about knowing I can find a smidgen of peace when I grab 10 minutes here or somehow find 45 glorious minutes to "find my center."

This week has been one of those weeks where finding the time has been rough.  School, teething babies, soccer practice, sick pets, and normal every day life... I decided to do a yoga challenge with MYO, the focus being on changing the routine of your morning to rise early and get in a yoga session before starting your day.  This seems to be the only time of the day that I can control.  HA, at least that's what I let myself think.  Let's just say that my valiant efforts to rise at 5:30 every morning have been thwarted by one means or another, so although I am getting the daily sessions in, they are not necessarily happening in the morning as intended.

Rising early to practice yoga this morning didn't happen.  I was up early, but yoga was not the reason. *sigh* This evening after getting little r his dinner, I thought I'd try to get my session in.  It was only a quick 15 minute practice, so that should have been super easy.  I asked little r if he wanted to do yoga with me.  He tries to join in once in awhile, and Lord knows, the kid has seen me do yoga a million times.  He sat down next to me in a "comfortable seated position" with his legs crossed and his hands resting on his knees.  He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths.  Even the little ones need to find their inner peace sometimes.

forward lunge stretch
Tree pose - he's almost got it
I didn't get to finish the practice today.  Baby C wanted to have nothing to do with yoga, but little r kept on and actually finished the practice all by himself.  He was super proud.  Maybe I have a future yogini on my hands.  How do you like them apples?


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