Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day of firsts...

Before I finish drafting my post about our incredible weekend in Tuscany, I'm trying to put my head on straight and stop my thoughts from flying in a million different directions.  Today was a day of firsts... Little r and I both started school today.  Big day!  We have both been excited for this day to get here. Now that it's here, I think we are both also facing the mild anxiety that comes along with the first day of something new.  That uneasy feeling when reality sets in and you acknowledge to yourself that this is the beginning of a new routine.

Routines are painfully important around here.  Almost too important.  We practically fall apart at the seams when we don't have one.  That said, this is a big change for both of us.  Little r is now going to his new German school, and he is in school from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.  Such a long day for the little guy! He's realizing that this school is different than his other one.  None of his friends from his other school are there, and where are his teachers?  I can only imagine how difficult all of this change can be for someone his age.  But he's also loving his new school and making friends quickly.  Children are so resilient, aren't they?

My sudden reality is that I am a student again.  It's no longer this great idea or something that is going to happen, it is here. Today is the day.  This online degree is intense, an immense amount of work, and absolutely awesome.  But truthfully, I'm also slightly intimidated and anxious about it.  Being a mom full time teaches you how to be a brilliant multi-tasker, helps you dig deep for incredible patience, and shows you how to love in ways you never thought possible.  What being a full time mom doesn't help you do is utilize that part of your brain that you put on hold, that part of your brain you spent years developing, and that part of your brain that gave you unabashed confidence to opine on issues relevant to your profession.  I know the knowledge is there, it has just been a long time since I've had to call on that knowledge on a regular basis.

I realized today that I'll need to set up a routine for myself to ensure I get to take a shower at least a few times a week (HA!), or fit in a short yoga session, or do a quick jog.   Basically, I need to be sure to fit time into my day to take care of myself so that my family gets the most from me. This new routine might translate into early mornings where I wake up before the sun.  I did this for awhile when little r was waking up early, and it was amazing what a difference it made to how in control I felt throughout the day.  I think it's also time to buy a planner.  I'm completely hooked to my iPhone in unnatural ways, but the electronic scheduling is not quite effective or as quick as writing everything down or seeing it on a calendar in front of you.  Getting to physically cross something off a to-do list provides some sort of self satisfaction I just can't get from deleting something off my electronic notes.

So, here we go!!!  It's time to embrace the new life we are starting today.  A life full of learning and critical thinking, of making new friends, and of multi-tasking on a whole new level.

Wish me luck! And good luck to all of you who are also starting firsts right now especially my baby sister! 


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