Monday, January 14, 2013

Cleaning up to clear the mind

No matter how hard I try to keep life simple and easy, fate seems to have other ideas. I suppose this is how you keep from getting bored, as if I need any help in that department. In the mix of all the things going through my head causing emotional turmoil is the fact that I can't seem to have a normal pregnancy to save my life. Just accept it and push "normal" aside and make the adjustments you need to feel stronger in your mind - this is the wise advice I got from my mother during a moment of weakness this week. It's brilliant and simple really, and yet so much easier in theory than in practice. When I get into a state of feeling emotionally overwhelmed, it often helps me to clean or unclutter a small corner of my life. That's what I did today and it's amazing how such a small act can bring a moment of peace.

One of my good friends here let me borrow her collection of maternity clothes. This was so incredibly awesome! Although I have maternity clothes from my first pregnancy, I am only able to use about a third of them because I was pregnant at a completely different time of year. Her maternity collection rounded out what I had perfectly and I think they will all fit (which is often the biggest challenge with borrowing clothes this way) hopefully for most of my pregnancy.

When I brought her box of clothes home, I decided to unclutter my wardrobe. Such a silly yet simple thing to make you feel better. I am the worst when it comes to clothes. I feel as though I go through them every year to get rid of things I never wear. The different phases of my life tend to shift and shape the type of clothing I "need" (as if we any of us really needs new stuff, we just all like to have it, right?), from work clothes, to school and study clothes, to stay-at-home-mom clothes. I'm happy to say I have purged enough at this point in my life that I am no longer looking at clothes in my closet from high school (as if they'd fit anyhow!), but I do tend to hang on to silly things I never wear for what I convince myself is a good reason.

I thought I might be able to get away with wearing a bunch of my regular clothes while I was pregnant this time around especially since I'm not working. Ha! Who am I kidding exactly?! Instead, between the great new items I got for Christmas and the clothes I've been able to borrow, I've decided it makes much more sense to succumb to the growing belly and be comfortable.

To embrace this decision, I put everything I couldn't wear away and replaced it with those clothes I will be suiting up in over the next four to five months. What a novel idea, eh? People do this all the time to make room during different seasons and phases in their lives, and I'm starting to understand why. I can actually see my clothes and they aren't shoved into drawers in a haphazard fashion anymore. It's funny how this simple task made me feel so much calmer...

I now have a small corner of my life feeling more organized and in control. I'm sure the inner peace will only last a short while, so I should come up with a few more projects. At this rate, I'm looking at a rather productive spring. Lord knows my house, and my life, could use it!

What do you do to ease your mind during a time when your emotions are on overdrive?


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