Monday, April 30, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge Complete - YAY!

This blog post marks my 30th post in 30 days. I really had doubts there for a bit that I wasn't going to complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I signed on to do. I am so relieved to have finished this goal.

My reasons for signing up for the challenge were two-fold. I wanted to build content for my legal blog, and I also wanted to challenge myself to write every day. Overwhelming you with a million blog posts was not my intention, and I'm a little disappointed that I didn't write more articles for Green Trees & Legalese. That said, I did manage to write a handful of posts on my legal blog. No one is really reading that blog just yet, but that is perfectly fine. I needed this challenge to find my niche and writing style and also to see what people are interested in reading.

One thing this challenge taught me is that it is truly "challenging" to write every day. My personal blog has been so much fun for me. River Runs Through It was started as a way for me to journal our adventures in Europe and document them so that we have a place for all our memories. It was also a way to stay connected with family and friends. My mom told me when she was stationed in Germany with my Dad, she wrote letters to everyone several times a week. That's what I think of my blog - my letter to you telling you everything about how life is going for us here in this foreign place. What I never anticipated was how much I would enjoy writing my blog, and I greatly underestimated how much it would help me feel connected with everyone back home.

For my legal blog, this challenge helped me see how much work the blog was going to be. Not in a bad way, but I definitely needed the reality check to help motivate me into moving forward with the project. Something that is difficult is easy to put aside - I do it all the time - but this is important to me, so I needed a better understanding at what kind of commitment it was going to take to help that blog move forward. I think I am finally getting my niche and writing style, and I know that with practice it will come easier.

Anyways, thanks for sticking with me through this challenge and reading all of my blog posts. I love sharing with all of you. I am going to take a much needed break as I spend the week with Big R in Italy. I'll come home fresh and ready to share! This summer has so much adventure packed into it, it might just take a blog post a day to keep up!

Much love,


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