Monday, April 30, 2012

Pinch Me (again!)

I'm having one of those moments again... those moments where I can't believe that it's MY life that I'm currently living because things are just too unbelievable to be real. As I mentioned, Big R has been in northern Italy for the past several days preparing for a trial. That trial is this week and he thought it would be a lot of fun for me to go. EEEK! How fun is that?!

Honestly, we won't be seeing much of Big R because trials are insanely time consuming. He'll most likely work 12-15 hours each day. Despite this, he talked me into going. I know, tough sell, right? The Army post we are going to is Vicenza, which sits about halfway between Venice and Verona. Both of those amazing cities are a mere 30 minutes away by train. I've also been told by those that have been assigned there that Vicenza itself is quite beautiful as well. Something tells me little r and I won't have much trouble keeping ourselves entertained.

I'll have to be honest and tell you that we probably won't get the awesome pictures of this trip that you are accustomed to seeing. Not only will Big R likely not be with us for many of our adventures, but I'll be chasing my wild toddler around cobblestone streets and hanging onto him so he doesn't dive off of boats or run around the train. It'll be quite the trip. An independent sort of travel for me. Guess I'm a tad bit nervous, but only a little. For some reason I have faith that little r will be a great travel companion. He's starting to get quite seasoned with these adventures. You'd be proud :) (The real question is, will Daddy be able to get any sleep? Haha.)

Big R tells me that internet isn't quite the same in that area, so I won't likely have a means to communicate with anyone back home or post blog updates. We'll be back in a week though, and I have no doubt I'll flood my blog with crazies stories from northern Italy.

I can't wait. Pinch me, please - seriously, PINCH ME!

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