Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friends in all the right places...

Spring really is the best time of year. The warm temperatures not only help the flowers bloom, but they remind you that you are still alive. More than that, the warm temperatures brings everyone outside and the longer days keep us there enjoying the company of others.

We had the most incredible day today. I'm just saddened that Big R had to miss it. He's in Italy though, getting ready to work his tail off. I can only hope that he had a mediocre day driving through the Alps with his co-counsel in her BMW with the top down the entire way. And that they are appropriately finishing off the day Italian-style with a lovely glass of wine and some incredible Italian food.

Ok, maybe I'm a tad bit jealous, but not too badly because little r and I had a pretty incredible day ourselves. The morning was spent outside melting as we tackled the house chores, so that wasn't much fun, but it did tire little r out enough for him to take a short nap and rest up for a fun-filled afternoon. (I enjoyed the nap because I snuck in a quick yoga session out on the porch in the sun - pure bliss...)

Nina has a good friend that is from Australia, and therefore speaks English (and his German is ridiculously good, which really makes me wonder what an Australian accent sounds like in German - HA). We met him and his son when Nina invited us over for Linus' birthday party, and we were instant friends. She thought it would be fun for us all to get together again and have a BBQ. Nina is awesome that way in that she knows it can be tough for us at times being Americans and living here, and thought it would be nice to have more English-speaking friends. She's just awesome.

They live in Bamberg a short bike ride away, so I woke little r up from his nap and we headed into town. (You will be happy to know that I didn't even remotely get lost - guess this girl is finally starting to know her way around town, something I once thought was a complete impossibility.) It was incredibly hot today. I think it got above 80 degrees, which for here is a super warm day especially when we have barely seen 70 yet this year. The sunscreen was out and the beers were ice cold, and we were sure to enjoy all the rays of sunshine we could get!

It is so great to make new friends. There's nothing like it, is there? It's especially nice to make new friends when you are an adult because it just seems to get harder as you get older. I think Germans are just amazingly nice people because we have been very fortunate to have made some incredible friends here - just plain upstanding folks in every way. And little r, of course, had the time of his life playing with Linus.

Here are some pictures of our amazing afternoon. For awhile we were all pretending we were having a beach party. Fantastic!!!




Yeah, it was an all around "netten Nachmittag und Abend." And I will be finishing off this gloriously fine day with a night cap upstairs with my neighbors. Yep, pure bliss.

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