Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lazy, sunny days...

The sun has been shining endlessly for the past week, and it has been such a nice breath of fresh air after all the gloomy rain we've had this season.  Initially it was energizing.  It's amazing how much some sunlight can do for your mood.  We also had Big R's parents here this week, and this weather was exactly what you would hope for on your vacation.  I was worried when they left they would take it with them, but happily the sun decided to stick around for another day.

It might be the traveling or the company or all the rich German food, but I can hardly move today.  After seeing Big R off to begin the first day of another trial he has this week, I cleaned and straightened, entertained my crazy little bear, and attempted to bundle up little r to take the puppy for a walk in the sun.  We played hard this morning, and although it's sunny, it is cold outside.  Nothing like that crisp winter air to tire you out.  As much as I hate having my television on when on such a beautiful day, it somehow seems ok right now. My mood is now somber and relaxed.  All the animals are snoozing in the sun's rays, and little r and I are basking in the warmth shining on us through the windows.

I have a million things to do today, but I'm not sure how many items will be checked off my list.  Instead, my body is telling me that I might just need a day of rest.  

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