Monday, January 9, 2012

Just keeping busy...

This past week was a busy one in our house. Big R was in court all week, and these Army folks don't mess around.  This isn't your typical civilian court where the doors open at 9:00 a.m. and things are wrapped up by 5:00 p.m. Nope, this is administrative justice, which means the judge is only available for a certain amount of time, so you get the case done while it's scheduled on the docket.  Of course, the court martials are rarely ever held locally, so Big R had to drive to a nearby post each day to tend to his lawyering business.  We didn't see much of him as he rolled out of bed before 6:30 a.m. and didn't get home until after midnight most nights.  He survived, somehow, but then this is what we lawyers live for. Hahaha.

Big R being out of pocket with the car all week meant things were pretty busy for us here at home as well.  Little r and I can't handle being cooped up too long or we both start going crazy.  He turns into a maniac, which quickly results in my sanity hanging on a ledge.  Knowing it would be a long week, I filled our schedule to keep busy.  The bus is an awesome means of transport...that is, as long as the weather cooperates!  After our adventure last week with the crazy storm, we decided to lay low on Friday and recover.  Keeping the little man busy seemed to work wonders on his mood though.  Guess none of us enjoys being bored.  The TV is much less interesting these days (thank goodness!), and we didn't have a single time out in four days.  Quite the accomplishment, if you ask me.

In addition to our busy excursions, we also had some fun times at home.  We both played on our laptops...

We did some artwork... little r was introduced to watercolors for the very first time.  At this point, he was a little more interested in how cool it was to transfer water to paper using a paint brush, so there wasn't much actual painting going on.  We're keeping up the practice though.  We've also been working on our colors lately, although right now little r seems to think everything is "yellow" - funny how he picks one of the most difficult color names to say.

And we, of course, did a fair amount of snuggling with our furry creatures.  Little R and Rani are quickly becoming best friends...err, well, at least little r thinks so :)

And yes, little r created this little snuggling entourage all on his own.  He think Rani finds the blankets just as comfy as he does.

This week we prepare for company as Big R's parents arrive to explore Germany with us.  I've been trying to prep little r for an exciting week.  At least he's finally sleeping in a bit later.  I have no doubt the in-laws will appreciate that!  We have some castles, some snow, some touring, and of course, some good-eaten and beer drinkin on the agenda.  And you also know I saved a bottle of Gluhwein to share with my mother-in-law.  The fancy new camera will accompany us the entire way so we can document all the fun.  The big question is, when are YOU coming for a visit? :)

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