Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some of little r's favorite things...

Food - little r loves to eat.  We recently went to one of our favorite restaurants, Baker's Crust, when Big R's parents were in town.  The server quickly brought little r a scrumptious looking turkey sandwich with soup.  When he saw that it was for him, little r clasped his hands, gasped, and said, "YUMMMMMM." And then there was this sweet, "oh, mommy, oh mommy..."  Needless to say, the kid loves his food.

Wearing Mommy's shoes. Another one of little r's favorite games.  He just looks so proud...

Riding his bike.  I swear the kid is 3 years old and not 22 months.  For the past few months now he has been riding his bike like a pro.  I have to run to keep up with him. The hardest part is telling him that it's time to go inside..."bye, bye, bike..."  saddest little voice EVER.

Pretending to drive the car.  Big R's parents are amazing and they graciously allowed us to borrow their car
after we sold our beloved hybrid (sigh...).  Little r thought our little SUV hybrid was pretty neat, but WHOA NELLY, that Mazda 3 is the BOMB!  Takes me 20 minutes every night when we get home from work to get the little guy out of the car.  If I listen closely, I swear he's saying, "zoom-zoom."  Yes, he is a boy, through and through, and just loves his cars.

And finally... little r loves snuggling up to his blanket and sucking his thumb on our commute as he daydreams out the window.  It was really neat when little r started to really notice his surroundings and watch out the window.  Every once in awhile I'll hear, "TRUCK," or "TRACTOR," or I'll even get a "BOAT" once in awhile.

I heart this little guy... he, of course, has many other things he loves, but we'll save those to share on another day...

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