Friday, June 3, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I just cannot get enough of being a mother. Maybe it's just that little r is the sweetest little boy anyone could ask for. Not only did we have another amazing vacation, but my little bear grew up leaps and bounds during our trip. His personality is forming into something magical, and I could just eat him up. He was a little slow on the up-take when it came to waiving and saying hello and good-bye. Instead, he learned quickly how to blow a kiss except the kiss would stop on his lips and he'd shyly hold his hand there. Then he finally started saying "byeee-bye" and "hi-ieee" and learned how to send a kiss far past his lips. Now the little bear has decided that kisses are a powerful thing. This picture was taken after a fun nighttime bath on our trip. little r put one hand on each side of my head and laid a big fat smooch on me again, and again, and again. My heart literally melted... What did I do to deserve this sweet little guy?

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