Monday, June 20, 2011

Bye bye, Daddy

Hard to believe this day is finally here.  Much of the planning and preparations have brought us to this moment when Big R gets on that plane to Germany with our tiger cat and our beloved pup.  We are excited for Big R to hit the ground in Germany so that we can make sense of all the advice we have been given and prepare the family for our time overseas. 

My heart will officially slow to a normal pace as soon as I get that message from Big R that all have landed safely and have successfully made it through customs.  This has been a really long week because we ran into one snag after another getting our pets to Germany with him today.  It truly is an easy country to bring a pet to in comparison to others, but it is still a massive coordinated effort to get your pet to the other side and successfully through customs.  Everything from the airline losing the reservations for the pets on Big R's flight and then telling us there was no longer any room for them on the plane, to having the USDA inform us that our tiger cat is ineligible to enter the country and would be required to stay in quarantine (a story for another day!).  Yes, it would not be an exaggeration to say I will feel like a normal person again as soon as everyone arrives safely at the Army base tomorrow.

Have a safe flight, Big R.  We love you to pieces and we'll miss you so much until we are reunited in Germany in August.  Give my puppy all the love in the world, and I'm sure we'll be writing story after story about our crazy tiger cat.  Tell the pilot to fly safe!

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