Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting ready for baby

With just a couple weeks to go until the little one receives his official eviction notice, I am in that oh-so-fun part of pregnancy. Not being too sarcastically dramatic, there are some reasonably fun things about this part of pregnancy that I shouldn't push aside too quickly. I mean, when else can you feel like an alien is alive and moving around inside your tummy, or eat like a maniac (because face it, you are quite literally starving ALL THE TIME) with no looks of judgement, or receive never-ending assistance from people that genuinely want to take care of you because you are so very obviously pregnant?

caught a glimpse of my reflection

All that aside though, this part of pregnancy can be a little rough as well. It's not the most comfortable time, to put it mildly. Your inner organs are smooshed, you have to pee constantly, sleeping is almost comical, your energy level is nil, and forget trying to pick anything up unless you have at least 5 minutes to accomplish this task. These are the more obvious reasons that the ninth month of pregnancy is slightly unbearable. There are other things that make the later term of pregnancy a tad bit unnerving...

Probably the most difficult parts, for me anyways, is the not knowing. Being completely unaware of when the little one will come into the world is kind of a nightmare for a control freak. In that way it's somewhat liberating and good for me, but it's also a source of anxiety. And the anxiety comes not only from being unaware of the "date" the little one will arrive, it comes from not knowing how he will arrive. I mean, how am I going to be truly certain that it's "time"?

In the movies it can't be more clear, right? The woman wakes up with a shooting labor pain or her water breaks at 3 am, taps her husband on the shoulder, and the next scene is them grabbing bags and rushing out the door. Don't I wish it were this obvious. And maybe for some it truly is, and maybe it will be for me this time around. Guess only time will tell.

I wasn't even giving it a second thought until about a week ago, and all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with anxiety about the whole thing. And it really is unreasonable to worry about such things. Being aware and ready is one thing, but letting yourself worry unnecessarily about something completely out of your control is a good way to make yourself crazy. Enter me and my silly self. Why in the world am I feeling such anxiety you ask? I've been wondering this myself, and I think it's a whole gambit of reasons, not the least bit of which is that I now have another little one to worry about. You never really hear people talk about this factor of labor when you have other kids at home, but it really is a HUGE deal. Making sure we have a plan in place for little r when I need to head to the hospital is paramount in my mind right now. Then there is Big R's crazy job that has him all over Bavaria and in court pretty constantly these days. The baby is coming no matter what, but it sure would be nice if we didn't have to worry about it.

And my mental concerns aside, there is the physical fun that tends to get my wheels turning. Just as was the case when I was pregnant with little r, I'm having constant fun with contractions this time around. It's not uncommon for pregnant women to have false labor weeks before the real deal, and I am clearly not an exception. The contractions are constant and sometimes a little too regular just to keep me guessing, but despite all that, my cervix is locked up like Fort Knox. ::sigh::

So, we are assuming and hoping the little man hangs tight and waits until his due date to arrive. But like all women at the end of their pregnancy, we are still waiting on pins and needles wondering when he will decide to make his debut... Until then, I will continue to laugh hysterically when my belly peeks out of even my largest maternity shirts, sigh when I have to get up from a dead sleep to pee for the fifth time, and grunt when my clumsy self drops something forcing me to bend over and pick it up.

Little r keeps telling me his baby brother is going to be here soon and that he is going to pop out of my belly button. Sometimes it feels like he might do just that! Either way, we are ready for you, little one. We can't wait to see your sweet little face and hold you in our arms.

I'll keep you all posted to let you know when he arrives. :)



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