Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Being showered with friendship

When the military moves you from one post or base to another every couple of years, or sometimes as often as every year, you find that you are often constantly in the mode of seeking friendships. It seems, the older you get, the more difficult this becomes. So, military spouses and kids tap into all the resources you can imagine to meet all the amazing people that are in the same situation you are. Even the shyest of personalities come out of their shells in search of supportive companions. What is amazing is that sometimes you can get exceptionally lucky, like I have, and end up at an assignment that surrounds you with incredible women and friends. What started out as a tiny duo of just Kimberly and me nearly two years ago when we first arrived in Germany has grown into a wonderful group of over a dozen women. The best part of our group is that although we have many common interests, we are vastly different in so many interesting ways. Do you know how incredible that is and how much that can enrich your life? I just adore it in so many ways.

So, this past weekend, my wonderful group of friends all came together to celebrate the soon-to-be newest member of our family with a beautiful baby shower. I never expected or anticipated a baby shower for my second, and I was so excited when Kimberly told me that she and Mary wanted to host one for me. Not only was it a great excuse to get all my friends together, but they are the most incredible hosts!

One of my gifts was this beautiful flower arrangement,
and all of the guests were able to take home a pot of herbs.
The theme of the baby shower was "Grow" because my family is growing. The colors were yellow and green so they had daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers along with all different types of herbs decorating the table and the surroundings.
My beautiful host :)
We were also blessed with the most incredible weather. This part of Germany went through the longest and darkest winter, so the sunshine was a huge welcome for all of us. Kimberly set up a table on her porch, and we were able to sit outside for the entire baby shower. It was nothing short of fabulous!
Such a beautiful group of women :)
And the flowers and decorations were stunning!
Baby showers are often about the gifts, but for me, we really didn't need much this time around. My first baby shower for little r provided us with more things than we ever needed or could ask for, so we are in terrific shape for the new little one to arrive (especially since we are having another boy). That made the gifts for this shower even that much more fun because everyone got me things they knew I would need but would never ask for, or other things that were thoughtful and adorable. (I did create a small "wish list" on Amazon to give everyone an idea of the things I might like, as well.)

Here are a few photographic moments captured during the gift opening at the baby shower. One special gift was that my German friend, Nina, was able to be there (my friend, Anette, sadly couldn't make it). Baby showers are an American tradition that they don't do here in Germany, and it was interesting to watch her take it all in.

The cards were all special - I hope to keep them for a long time
I had huge bags of gifts full of diapers - both cloth and otherwise...
of books...
and other incredibly thoughtful things for me and the baby and for little r!!!
And you can never have enough laughter with this group!
Nina got me a German memory box
and she also made those gorgeous paintings I hung in the baby room.

We skipped all of the corny games, and instead spent the afternoon enjoying each others company, great food, and much-welcomed sunshine. I couldn't get enough of it. I think many of us were there for close to five hours and it felt like only two. One really thoughtful idea Kimberly and Mary did for me was create my thank you cards and had everyone address theirs, so that all I had to do was write a note inside each one and drop it in the mail. Isn't that the sweetest idea? I'll definitely remember that for the next baby shower I am lucky enough to host for a friend.

"Thank you" cards creating for me by my hosts

Yes, it was absolutely the most wonderful afternoon. I didn't want it to end, and I smile every time I think about it. I am so thankful for the friends that I have here. I love that we are all so different and bring such amazing and interesting stories to our group giving us things to talk about for hours. If this is what being in the military as a spouse is all about, then I'm really looking forward to this life we have ahead of us. Right now I feel like an exceptionally lucky person to have these women in my life.

Mary and Kimberly, my beautiful hosts!

Leah, Liz, Bana and Anna-Lissa
Nina, Me, Meg, and Jessie

The best part was, while us ladies were enjoying our afternoon making memories, Big R took the little man to the Volksfest in Nuremburg for their own adventure with other friends of ours. It became a pretty incredible bonding experience for both of them.


Thank you to my amazing hosts, Kimberly and Mary, and to all of my wonderful friends for such a memorable afternoon. I hope we are able to stay in each others lives in one way or another throughout our husband's military careers and beyond. I love you all!






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