Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's hit restart

I need a big red restart button to redo this crazy day. Nothing dramatic has happened, but the day has been somewhat ridiculous from a mother's standpoint.

Jetlag had us all awake from about midnight on, eventually resulting in a little bear snuggling with us in bed this morning.

We somehow got things pulled together to get little r to kindergarten. We didn't make it terribly far though. My old pup decided to have a limp this morning. I was about halfway down the street and I decided I needed to take her home (we think she's ok, so no reason to panic, we hope). With Rani secured back inside, we tried the walk to school again.

Turns out today is a German holiday. Who knew?! You'd think I would have noticed how quiet our otherwise bustling town was after 8 a.m. Even the tractors were still. Luckily the kindergarten wasn't completely closed, so although I wasn't able to leave little r there, I was able to talk with his teacher about the holiday. The good news is that he's not off from school for the next two weeks like I thought. That's a huge relief for the both of us. But he was disappointed and a tad bit confused about why he couldn't stay at school today.

So, I packed little r back into the stroller and headed home. I did not have a happy toddler but we managed to get home in one piece and with just enough time to take Big R to work. The sun also decided to come out today, so I'm taking that as a good sign that today could be promising. At least a load of laundry will get done and we can rescue my bike from post after all (we lent it to a fellow captain and there is nothing but rain in the forecast for the next week).

I suppose sometimes life forces you to slow down just a little bit. We'll just ease back into things and take the day one step at a time. By Monday, we should be in pretty good shape.
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