Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The weekend according to my iPhone

We've been a busy crew this past weekend. Luckily, we had our iPhones with us for most of it, so we were able to capture our weekend in pictures. So, I thought it would be fun to share a few with you...

We started out the weekend driving to Heidelberg for the JAG Military Ball. Not too many people from Bamberg made the trek out there, but my friend, K, and her husband were there, so we had a great time.

We didn't stay in Heidelberg after the Ball, so I stayed up talking nonsense with Big R while he drove us home and little r slept.

We had a late night with a long drive home, so we spent much of the next day cuddling.

And because it was such a beautiful day, Big R thought the perfect Mother's Day evening would be a bike ride to a local Keller (or beer garden for those Americans among us), called Weiher. The beer received the gold star in Germany last year and the Keller was awesome. It was surrounded by beautiful landscape that reminded me so much of home in Vermont, there was a playground and a petting zoo, and the food was so German we loved it. It was a perfect end to a relaxing day.

The next day we had a parents day, or Elternstag, at little r's kindergarten. After having some yummy cake the kids made for us, we got to watch little r play with his friends.

That night the local church had a service in parade fashion - outside walking down the street - band and all. We have the coolest experiences here. It was such a unique thing to see that I whisked little r out of his bath so we could watch the procession down the street...

And today we snuck in a walk between storms and naps and sneezing and runny noses. Both little r and Rani were happy for the escape.

How was your weekend?


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