Friday, August 22, 2014

Have we adjusted?

Have we adjusted?  That, my friends, is a very good question.  I'm not super sure how to answer that, actually, but I'm going to give it a try because the question is coming up a lot these days.  The overseas army moves have a tendency to feel like they last for freaking ever, and I'm not kidding.  Moving is a pain, but when you move your family, all your belongings, your cars, and your furry friends, it is a really BIG deal.  I knew this when we started the moving process, but I think I conveniently left the memory of the ordeal back in my distant memory.  Luckily I recorded most of the process on this blog, so if I ever need a reminder, it's not too tough to find one.

Our life in Germany was pretty incredible.  It was still life, so it wasn't without its stresses, but it was amazing nonetheless. As we started the looong process of moving back, I was really bummed, so I decided to begin focusing on all the things that I was really looking forward to once we were back in the US.  And I have to admit, as much as I really do adore Germany and absolutely loved living there, America has some pretty great things, too.  Mostly we make it super simple to consume things here.  Your credit card is a happy tool just about everywhere.  Believe it or not, that wasn't really the case in Germany.  Pay-at-the-pump is probably my happiest joy here, that and being able to check my mail by walking down my driveway instead of dealing with the military post office madness.  I could probably go on like this for awhile, so I'll save you the details...

So, yes, we are back in the land of the plenty where everyone speaks English. This last point was a bigger deal than I ever expected.  I thought it was super cool that we learned to speak German while we were there.  It was also pretty fantastic that as we traveled we were able to experience so many cultures and languages.  But I have to admit, even down to the last week we were there, picking up the phone to make a reservation or to find out important information was always an adventure regardless of how well my German grammar was or how proud I might have been to accomplish a conversation.  If I was even the slightest bit shy about making a phone call before we left, let me tell you, I actually have fun making phone calls now.  I still miss my German though, and I'm nervous I'm going to lose it quickly. Hopefully we'll find some opportunities to use it even if we use it to talk to each other (which is always a comical scene in our house).

Despite missing all things German (and all the friends we left behind), life is falling into place for us here.  Little r is crazy about his school.  Nothing melts my heart more than knowing we found a school that he loves and that it's helping him succeed.  For some reason he was really excited to go to a school where everyone speaks English.  We were initially kind of bummed about his enthusiasm, but honestly, I don't care much about that anymore because he's doing so well here.  I don't have the benefit of the kinderkrippe for baby c, but what I exchanged it for is a gym that offers child care.  I went from running trails (often with a stroller) and doing yoga in my living room, to lifting weights and going to pilates classes.  I'm not going to complain, but it is taking a little adjusting. Baby c and I will figure it out though, and right now I'm just thankful that I have the option.

Our neighborhood is downright awesome.  The people here are amazing, and we are making so many new friends.  We have also been lucky to meet people through mutual friends.  The army is so big here that someone we know was either here before or they know someone living here now.  Considering how difficult it can be in this day and age to meet people, I've been very thankful that all our friends are reaching out and setting us up with new connections.

Probably one of my favorite parts of living here though are the opportunities for little r.  I mentioned his school already. We also FINALLY have the kid in swim lessons.  I'm still at a loss for why it was nearly impossible to find swim lessons for a kid his age where we lived in Germany (so baffling).  We also got him signed up for soccer.  He did soccer and t-ball at our last assignment, but it was pretty relaxed.  I wish we could have stayed for little r to play with the German team, but I have a feeling this new league is going to be great for him, too.  And finally, probably the coolest thing ever, is that I found a stable here that provides riding lessons to kids little r's age.  It is so fantastic I feel like I'm in a dream sometimes.  Little r has always loved horses, but after visiting my mom this summer and seeing him around them again, I knew I had to find a way for him to ride.  I had no idea we would get this lucky.  He just started his lessons, but I hope to keep him at it as long as he's having fun and learning a lot.  My hope is that our next visit to my mom's will be him showing HER how to ride.

The house is just about "done" being put together.  Everything has found its place, but we are still finding the perfect spot for every picture, and printing new ones to remind us of all the really cool places we experienced together.  I'll write a blog here soon and give you a quick tour of this cute little house soon - I promise!

So, have we adjusted?  I think you could say that we have and we are doing pretty well.  After the whole "honeymoon" phase (where everything is new and exciting and a tad bit overwhelming) ended, I started to miss Germany and our friends and our life there. I think that is a pretty normal feeling though.  Living the military life means you are in a world that is constantly changing, you never stop meeting new friends, and you meet some people that you hang onto for a lifetime.  You are constantly getting reacquainted with your things, and forever questioning why you've held onto some of it for as long as you have.  It's fun to make each house a home, and to explore new locations.  Living in Europe put a little more adventure into our blood, so we'll be itching to reach out and discover what this part of the world has to offer - rodeos, fairs, caves, lakes, horses... Something tells me we won't be getting bored here...


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