Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When life makes you remember...

Today is just another day.  It really is, just that, another day of the year.  A day to make memories, kiss your kids, love your husband... Today is just another day...

I want this day to be just another beautiful day.  I don't want to dwell or remember this day as the day that my Dad died.  Instead, I want to use this day to remember my Dad being my Dad.  To read through all of the emails and notes I am lucky enough to have saved from him over the past few years, to look at pictures of him and smile, and to try hard not to let images of those final days cloud my mind.  I want this day to be dedicated to watching my boys and smiling knowing that my dad would have been so  overwhelmed with joy to have seen the little people they have become.  To take a moment to let myself feel how proud he would have been for decisions that I've made in my life even when I want to doubt them.
I miss you, Dad.  I don't want to remember this as the day we said good-bye, and I will try hard to not let today be a day that overwhelms me with sadness.  Today will be a day I will remember your laugh, your constant words of wisdom, and your love for life. 

I love you, Daddio.


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