Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And the little bear skis!

We just got back from a fantastic ski weekend in Austria. I'll be sure to give you all the fun stories in a separate post soon, but I wanted to give my little man a huge high five for being an awesome skier this weekend. He seriously blew our minds.

Our first time skiing in Austria, little r was still a little tyke at only 2 years old. We had to put him on skis, and he fell in love with it. I wrote this blog back then, and I can still remember my dad thinking we had somehow staged it all because little r had no fear. We, of course, thought he was a natural, but isn't that what all parents think?

Last year we hit the slopes in Austria again. I was pregnant with baby c, but Big R made sure that, even though little r was too young for lessons, he got in some good ski time. There were a lot of laughs, and even more tears. A moment of bravery resulted in Big R carrying little r all the way down the mountain. Although, I think he wore a big of pride in the fact that he managed to get them both to the bottom safely, it wasn't exactly something we considered a successful run. The big hill was a tad too scary for the little guy.

Our little man was FINALLY old enough to have ski lessons, and he was so incredibly excited. We bought him his own skis, and he could not wait to get to the slopes. It was very important to him that I know he was NOT going to be scared to go down the big hill this time.

Little r was less enthusiastic that first afternoon on the slopes with daddy. No lessons yet, and that big hill was far more intimidating that he cared to admit. We were nervous, but it turned out we had nothing to be worried about. After a day and a half of lessons, he begged Big R to take him down the big mountain. First time on a chair lift, and he skied the long run down all by himself with Big R chasing him down the hill. His ski instructor said he was a natural. Ok, now I might believe it could be true :)

We have little r enrolled in the Erbendorf Ski Club.  Now we just have to pray for some snow!!! I'm so proud of my little man.  I hope the video works for everyone!

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