Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jet engines in my basement...

Not sure if you remember that about a month ago I told you we had water issues in our bottom floor that needed a little fixin.  My hope was to share some of the experiences with you, but October has been absolutely bananas for us, so I honestly haven't had a lot of time to write about it.  That said, what started as a potential nightmare has resulted in a not-too-terrible renovation project.  It's funny how quickly you can get used to listening to jet engines running all day long in your house. You think I'm exaggerating, and I might be just a tad, but these machines were incredibly loud!  

The crew came in and handled the whole ordeal like true professionals. It was clear they knew exactly what they were doing.  The carpet came up, closets and furniture was removed, tile was cut out, and holes were drilled.  They hung plastic on the walls to trap the moisture and heat downstairs.  Our house seriously felt like that final scene from ET, and I hope you know what I mean or I might really be dating myself here.

I was going to take pictures.  Can you believe that we had that set up for nearly a month and I didn't take a single photo?  Holy cow am I becoming a slacker or what?!  Luckily our house is pretty big for us, so moving everything upstairs just made things cozy.  A tad disorganized, but definitely cozy.  Dare I say that we might kind of like sleeping upstairs a little?  The bottom floor has become more of a basement - a loud space that seemed like it was containing a biological experiment - but avoidable nonetheless.  Upstairs the drone of the engines came across more like a sound machine, so sleeping wasn't as difficult as we expected (although I needed a baby monitor to hear Baby C in the room right next door).  TV watching, however, was an interesting task because the volume had to be blasting for us to hear anything at all.  

The jet engines are finally gone, and it is unreal how quiet it is in our house.  Despite the cozy arrangement upstairs, I'm anxious to get things put back to normal.  Most of our clothes are in boxes in the attic, and all of the efforts to have my house completely organized have been turned upside down for the past month.  Not the end of the world, obviously, but it'll still be nice to put this behind us as a faint memory.  

Housing has been somewhat aloof on the whole deal.  Until yesterday we were concerned they would take their time getting things put back into place.  The walls and floors are dry, but we need contractors to make the space livable again.  This is all scheduled to take place on Monday, so I'll spend the rest of the week making things feel cozy in our house again.  

Thanks for all your support. My neighbors ended up having to go through the same thing kind of unexpectedly, so we've been leaning on each other a tad through this whole ordeal.  It really could have been so much worse.  Guess you could say we are pretty thankful, and mostly we are super relieved we pushed through this instead of caving in and moving to a whole different unit.  The thought continues to make me want to faint - seriously... 

Here's to hoping my next post about our house will be to tell you that all systems are back in place and life continues as normal.  Think positively, right?  This is Germany... I have no doubt the contractors will have things done in less than a day.

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