Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They are growing up too fast

Holy heck, my boys are growing up too fast. It truly is unbelievable how that happens. Baby C is already five weeks old (where in the world did the last month go?!), and I had to put away all his newborn clothes yesterday. It appears someone finally inherited the tall genes in our families. About time, right?

Little r was much more gentle to me with his growing. If the clothes said "9 months", that's exactly where he was in his size. Where he might have lacked in size, he far made up for in his physical strengths. The kid, quite literally, never stopped moving - he still doesn't! So, I'm really not ready for it this time watch my baby grow incredibly fast. I put those newborn clothes away and felt my heart flutter. How did he get so big?!

And little r, too. I looked at him the other day and thought to myself that he's a little person now. My baby is now a little boy. It didn't happen overnight, obviously, but sometimes it feels that way. His imagination is incredible and he creates little r-isms every day. He also seems to have inherited his dad's memory, which is great for him, but maybe not so great for me, hahaha...

Here are some moments captured on my iPhone over the past few weeks...

brotherly love :)
me and my boys
so in love...
sandboxes are little r's favorite
i heart giraffes
cool kid
he's getting so big already
proud big brother
be still my heart

It's true that there are times we want our kids to hurry and grow up. That it's painful to deal with temper tantrums day in and day out and potty training can be your biggest nightmare (oh my land, it is definitely one of mine!). That you have far too many sleepless nights for feedings, illnesses, or nightmares. I mean, let's be honest, our lives are never the same after bringing little ones into the world. But if you can manage to wipe that tired fog off of your eyes and clear your mind for even a second, you are lucky enough to see this little person develop right before you. And wow, what a cool thing. For every frustrated sigh or time I have to count to ten in my mind, I have at least one smile, one laugh, or one tear for all of the amazing things little r says or does.

And Baby C? This sweetheart has reminded me how special it feels to hold a new life in your arms. To observe him taking in the world a little bit at a time and to remember that life can encompass such simplicity at that age. Without the fear of unknowing that comes with your first born child, I have been able to truly enjoy these moments a little more.

One of my Facebook friends posted on her status today that it is "World Sauntering Day." The purpose of such a day is to remind us to take it easy, smell the roses, to slow down and enjoy life as opposed to rushing through it. I think I need to make this an every day purpose. I'm afraid if I don't remind myself of this on a regular basis, my life might just flash before my eyes.


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