Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Trip with Friends and Family

What can I say?  We had a fantastic trip stateside.  Green Mountains, family and friends, VLS, apple picking, hiking, birthday parties, date night... It was a very full trip with nonstop activity, and we loved every minute of it.

After our crazy adventure getting here, we made our way up to our home away from home - Vermont!  We have missed Vermont so very much, and Vermont Law School has and will always share a special place in our hearts.  We couldn't wait to pull into campus and see old friends and explore our old stomping grounds.  Big R's parents so kindly took care of little r for us so that we could enjoy our reunion without the worry or distraction, and that was an amazing treat.  Little r did make a debut for the Reunion BBQ, though, so that friends could see him, and he made his usual impression on everyone.  The school recognized us playfully for having come the farthest to attend the reunion.  To others it seemed a little crazy that we came all the way from Germany for a simple gathering.  To us, though, we wouldn't miss it for the world, and we are hoping to always attend our reunions in the future as well.

We didn't keep the camera handy much when we were socializing at events with friends, so sadly we got very few pictures of the reunion itself, but we did remember to bring the camera on our hike up to Kent's Ledge.  This hike originates in South Royalton, and we hiked at least the lower portion of it daily while we attended law school.  Here are some of the pictures we captured from our hike.
View from Kent's Ledge
Big R and me :) 
More pretty views
It was a great reunion weekend with friends.  I loved seeing everyone and being able to talk with professors that have become great friends over the years.  Our connection with VLS seems to only get stronger with time.  But alas, the weekend had to come to an end.  After a busy weekend and some very late nights, we had a relaxing day in Vermont on Sunday.  Big R and I enjoyed a run through the hills before we visited the Grafton store for cheese and maple syrup, and little r enjoyed visiting the petting zoo.  We finished off the day apple picking including a fun ride touring around the apple orchards by a couple of Percherons.  It was a beautiful day.
little r made me promise him we would own a goat one day
the donkey was his favorite
fuzzy cows!
bonding time with Grandpa Pete
we really enjoyed our ride through the orchard
I love this man
he wanted to take a bite out of every apple!
little r had a blast picking apples - there were so many to pick right at his height
mommy helped reach for some of the higher ones
Time finally came for us to say good-bye to Vermont.  We finished off our visit with a stroll around Brattleboro browsing through all the boutiques full of natural goods and organics.  The new co-op in town was enough to make this mommy giddy.  I keep telling Big R, we might just have to move to southern Vermont afterall.

Our time in Connecticut was full of family time and visits with old friends.  This was invaluable time that we were so glad we were able to fit into our visit.  There were so many friends we didn't have time to see though, and that makes us infinitely sad.  This is definitely the hardest part about living so far away.

And I can't forget the awesome birthday party we had for little r.  I think the whole family was here, and little r loved every single minute of it!  It's so fun when your kids reach the age when they understand things like birthdays.  He has been so excited to eat cake and open all of his presents!

little r couldn't wait to blow out his candles
playing with daddy
the birthday boy and his daddy!
eating the icing off of the candles - yum!
birthday kisses
so much fun!
little r got the best gifts from everyone!
sharing his gifts with the cousins
 Our visit ended with a perfect date night with the hubby.  We got dressed up and went to a fancy French restaurant as a belated anniversary celebration. It was a perfect night out.
date night!
The time has come for us to make our way home.  The Space A adventure awaits! Stay tuned for updates on our trip home.  There is no doubt there will be at least a few stories to tell.  Hopefully the next time you hear from me we'll be back in Germany in the comforts of our home. Our fingers are crossed we have a little less adventure getting home.


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