Thursday, August 9, 2012

Papa is Here!

I have one very, VERY happy little boy on my hands. He's so happy, in fact, that he slept better last night than he has in weeks (at 7:45 a.m. he's still sleeping soundly - what?!). His Papa is here for what has been a long-awaited visit for little r. Every day he would ask, "Is Papa coming?"

It is no secret that our lives have been on-the-go for most of our marriage, and our family and friends are spread all across the country. Yet, despite this, it warms my heart to know that little r, who is not quite three years old, has somehow developed a strong bond with each of his grandparents (of which the lucky boy has 6!). He is especially fond of the men in his life, so his grandpa's tend to get a bit more little r attention and enthusiasm, but he's amazingly good at equally sharing his love with all of them.

So, my Dad and stepmom are here to visit our beautiful home in Germany. I've been almost as excited as little r for them to get here. After a week of trancing through Austria, Switzerland, and France, I couldn't wait to hear their stories and to introduce them to our sweet little German life. (I should seriously ask my Dad to write a guest post about his adventure driving high into the Alps - that was an awesome story to write home about!) After dinner and cake (it was Dad's birthday, and little r will attest that birthdays ALWAYS come with cake), my Dad looked around, stared out the window and said, "Do you have to pinch yourself regularly? This really is an amazing life." Touché, Daddy.

Our adventures during their visit will be fairly low-key. We'll be spending some time at home so they can enjoy a small piece of our life here. Then they are off to Prague to discover the Bohemian world that I know they will love. Then it's winefests, tours of Bamberg, boat rides, Gartenschau, and possibly some other local excursions if the time allows. You know there will be plenty of beer drinking and good eating Germany-style as well.

We love having family and friends here. Who's next?! When are you coming for a visit?!



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